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HOW Ciao Creation STARTED? 

In 2017, Ciao Creation was founded by Four Brothers CO., LTD., a factory manufacturing metal buttons, buckles, rivets, nailheads and other metal accessories for the clothing, footwear, leather goods, uniform industries since 1976.

With the growing popularity of handmade crafts, people love to make their own projects to express personalized characteristics. However, we noticed that whether they use leather, paper or fabric DIY crafts, few makers use shiny metal nailheads or accessories as decoration. The main reason is that there is no easy and handy tool for makers and hobbyists to use in the market!

In fact, nailheads (prong studs) are widely used on shoes, bags or denim but applied by auto machines in the fashion industry. We saw great potential in this niche market and established the brand now known as Ciao Creation.Ciao Creation expands our product lines from nailhead application tools for hobbyists to craft kits for professional.

Nowadays, we also dedicate to develop creative studded products for home of consumer goods. Enriched by various fascinating materials combining the shiny metal accessories, our goal is to popularize the application of metal accessories in the handmade craft and consumer goods markets.

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聯絡電話 : 02-2975-9033

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